It’s the most practical eBook for small establishments with over 100 tips 

Written by a fellow small hotelier who knows YOUR business inside out and knows that practical results matter and where the biggest changes can be made. No long pages full of theoretical talk but hands-on tips you can directly implement to your establishment. It’s tailored to the budgets and restraints of small to medium size establishment who work with limited staff. It is written in a practical way for all small to medium size establishments to use, no matter if you are based in the US, the UK, Germany, Brazil, Japan, India or Kenya. 


It helps you to successfully determine and execute your social media strategy

We all understand the importance of social media for our business. But with so many jobs to be done and the budget constraints we have it we can’t all be experts in social media or have the budget to hire an expert for you. With this eBook we hand you the basics of which channels are important for you, what content to post for the goals you have as your business, when to post it and how often. Special attention goes out to the messaging and tips and tricks to make your strategy just as successful (but for a lot less money) than the expert you may have been considering to hire. 



Whether you heard and know about these terms or not: they are very important for your business. We hand you a step-by-step instruction how to do your own SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) so your website is better seen, higher ranked and receives more visitors and consequently, direct bookings. Search Engine Advertising is the marketing campaigns you want to set up in search engines to rank higher and get more site visitors and ultimately more direct bookings. The eBook Hotel Business Tips shares practical tips how to set up a basic and effective SEA campaign without breaking the bank and getting direct results on your investments. 


It's a small investment with big potential for change! 

For just $25, most likely not even one bed night in your accommodation, you get over 100 practical tips to immediately increase your revenue, guest experience and reach new target audiences. You only invest your time to execute the tips step-by-step.


It works! 

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